Professional Evaluation Group of Florida, Inc. (PEG) is a medical service group with a dedicated team specializing in the selection of board certified physicians and chiropractors who perform Independent Medical Evaluations (IMEs). We specialize in Personal Injury Protection (PIP), Liability, Workers Compensation, General Liability and Disability claims. We also do Record/Peer Reviews, Radiology Reviews and Bill Reviews.

We maintain a database in excess of 4000 board certified physicians and chiropractors nationwide with whom we schedule IMEs, Peer/Record Reviews and Film Reviews. The physicians we utilize are boarded in their specialties, licensed in their practicing states and have been verified by that state’s court system.

PEG’s physicians are available to review existing medical records, films, etc. and are familiar with the reporting requirements for the different casualty lines. All of our physicians are in private practice and are independent of PEG. The narrative reports that are completed and sent to our clients are dictated and signed by the physicians on their letterhead and are of the highest quality to meet the standards set forth by PEG.

Our goal is to help you make the most informed decision about the services you need. Our newly-designed ‘Easy View Program’ keeps you updated throughout the entire course of your file by viewing correspondences, appointment information and narrative reports. From beginning to end, we are confident you will be completely satisfied with your experience.

PEG has been servicing your needs since 1988. We believe our strength is our dedication to quality and our commitment to superior service.