Independent Medical Evaluations
  • All exams are scheduled within 24-hours of the request.
  • Notification letters with travel instructions are sent to each claimant.
  • Medical records along with a list of questions are sent to the IME physician to be addressed in the report. Questions can be customized to meet your specific needs.
  • Claimants/Attorneys are called one week prior to the exam to ensure attendance.
  • You are notified the same day if the claimant fails to keep the appointment.
  • Our ‘Immediate Exam Form’ notifies you of your claimant’s medical status prior to receiving  the written report.
  • Physician’s narrative report is emailed, faxed or mailed within 5-7 business days.
  • Our ‘Diary Letter’ is sent to remind you that your claimant may need a re-evaluation if  further treatment is necessary.
  • We customize your attorney/claimant appointment letters specifically for your company.
  • We handle all dealings with the attorney of record.
  • Interpretation and transportation services are provided when needed.
  • All physicians are available for depositions and/or court appearances.
  • Verbal and rush requests are provided if needed.
  • All of the physicians in our database are in private practice and are independent of PEG.
  • Dental IMEs are also available.

Diagnostic/Film Reviews
  • We will pick-up the films from your office, the scan center, the attorney’s office or the doctor’s  office for you.
  • We will deliver the films to a board certified radiologist with a letter than informs the doctor of  what needs to be addressed.
  • Films are picked up free of charge in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County.
  • The turn-around time for the report is one week from the date the doctor receives the films.

Peer/Record Reviews
  • We discuss with you the specialty of the physician you are requesting to conduct the review.
  • We consult with you to determine the reason for the review.
  • We will ask questions that the doctor needs to address in the report.